There’s no dust at all, it’s pure and clean. The hens love to jump on the bales and peck them, and eventually they spread the bale around themselves which keeps them busy and happy.

easichick smells nice, brightens up their beds and avoids compaction which is essential for the health of their feet.

Charles Mears

Wood Farm, Waresley, Cambridgshire.

It’s good for the health of my hens and being dust free helps those with respiratory issues, plus it’s so easy to keep clean, keeps my birds clean and doesn’t harbour red mite like straw does.


Martins Wood Farm, South Downs

It’s much less dusty than the shavings that we’ve used previously and it’s easy to separate any droppings from the chip which means we’re definitely using less on each clean out. It doesn’t get blown away in the wind and it absorbs the wet.

Longdown Activity Farm


I have found the bedding great, easy to clean out, stays dry and doesn’t seem to take up so much space on the compost heap. Both us and the chickens are very happy!

Sally Brigg



As soon as I started using easibed I could see it was so easy to use, easy to put down and stays dry – just brilliant bedding and helped Billy massively with his allergy to dust.


Head of the Equine Department, Wynnstay Stores, Oswestry

That’s a super thick, clean bed! My favourite things about easibed is how thick it stays. Most shavings flatten and disappear within a day, with easibed it stays very thick and fluffy.

Issy Nami

H&C TV contestant, All Star Academy

Doogle was almost asthmatic and the shavings I was putting him on aggravated his cough.  Now after only two months on easibed, his cough is much better and his airways are clearer.

He’s quite messy but easibed absorbs the wet really well, so each bale lasts longer.He likes to lie down in his stable too so a clean bed is essential.

Lucy Cooper with gelding Doogle

When showing our ponies I need to make sure they look absolutely perfect and easibed helps towards this as it saves me so much time when brushing them out, it’s fantastic. I’m a total convert and I wouldn’t use anything else for my girls now.

Angela White

Bardney, Nr Lincoln

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