You can see by the picture of Chocolate stood on his easibed just how supportive the wood fibre really is – Chocolate’s hooves are on top of the bedding rather than, pushing through down to the base of the bed, which you can experience with other types of bedding that can become very flat with the horses weight stood on it.

What does supportive mean for stabled horses: –

• Supportive and comfortable beds allow your horse to lie down to get the deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep that they cannot get standing up. Without their REM sleep every 24 hours horses can become tired and grumpy, which can lead to poor performance.
• As your horse could spend around 15 hours in their stable overnight, your horses bedding needs to be deep enough to give the support your horse needs under their feet when stood and when lying down.
• If your horses stable has insufficient bedding in it, you run the risk of potential injuries such as capped hocks and elbows as your horse rolls/lays down. Injuries like this could lead onto sore joints, which could even cause lameness.

easibed is a deep litter bedding system, that needs to be at least 6 inches deep to work efficiently, giving you a full supportive, warm, comfortable bed for your horse.

I personally love the fact that whilst Chocolate and Humbug are resting, they are still being cared for – thanks to easibed.

Wood fibre beddings

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