Yazmin Davis is the latest easibed ambassador to join the team and is currently in Lanaken, Belgium for the Z-Tour taking Zilverster II (Silver) and Zanbowa Z (Booboo).

Lots of training and preparation including fitness work for them all takes place before going out to the Z Tour as it’s so important to make sure the horses have the fitness to compete at their very best for three consecutive weeks! Yazmin said: “Long fast hacks are great for this. I’ve also been doing lots of water jump practice with Booboo as he can sometimes be a little spooky with it.”

Yazmin will compete Silver in the 2* and 3* world ranking classes and Booboo in the under 25’s.

“We left on Monday 26th March to settle the horses in before jumping started on Friday. There’s always so much to organise and prepare when going on tour especially making sure I take enough bales of easibed to last us the whole time we are away!

“I like easibed because it’s dust free which is so very important for the horses. It’s a lot easier to muck out (which saves me time) and you hardly get any wastage as it sieves through the fork so it’s very cost efficient! It also has a fresh smell to it and is very absorbent. I think it’s the best for my horses because when they roll and move about easibed stays very firm ensuring they have great stability unlike any other bedding.”

Wood fibre beddings

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