Chocolate and I went to a new venue a couple of weeks ago to compete in another unaffiliated Elementary Dressage Test – as you already know we are having a go at Elementary this year and to add to the pressure we are trying out new venue’s as well.

I can honestly say that the new venues are so very welcoming and are very organised and both Chocolate and I are really enjoying the more challenging Elementary tests.

It was an extremely hot day but as Chocolate and I both love the heat I knew that we could have a chance of a good result, providing Chocolate did not throw in any silly spooks.

Well Chocolate blew my socks off; he did everything I asked of him and more – we produced a lovely flowing test with not one spook. We even got a well done off the judge at the end of our test.

What makes it even more exciting is that this was only our fourth Elementary test to date, so feeling very excited for the future and for our hope of going British Dressage affiliated again next year.

Thanks again to easibed for making sure Chocolate gets the rest he needs on his supportive and comfortable easibed



Wood fibre beddings

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