Chocolate has always been a horse that likes to urinate in his stable, he is not a horse that appreciates splash back from weeing on a hard, dry surface and just  loves coming into his easibed for a wee. 😊

easibed is great for your horse as any urine drains straight through to the bottom of the bed meaning very little splash back comes back from the bed onto your horse’s legs. Some horses can suffer from urine burns when they have splash back as they wee.

Another massive advantage of the bed being free draining is the top layer of the bed stays dry for several days before you need to do any mucking out, so it saves you loads of time.

I always try to make sure Chocolate has had a wee before he is ridden, otherwise we end up having a very unproductive session, as you can imagine how you would feel running around with a full bladder.

When I am due to take Chocolate out in the trailer for training, competing etc I try to make sure he goes for a wee before we go, otherwise he will paw the trailer floor. Saying this, I would like to mention that it would be perfectly acceptable for Choc to either wee in the menage or even on his easibed in the trailer – but unfortunately this is not for Choc!!

Either way I always give Chocolate time in his stable before I ride or travel him so he can go for a wee.

As you can see in the video, Chocolate is very happy weeing in his stable and you can see the urine drains straight through to the bottom of the bed.

How does easibed help your horse?

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