Here at easichick we love renowned poultry breeder and expert Andy Marshall as much as he loves our bacteria-free bedding easichick.

That’s why we were delighted to see Andy had shared his top tips for poultry keepers in the January issue of Practical Poultry.
Andy has been using easichick poultry bedding for four years and is delighted with the friability of the bedding, and its ease of use. He always reminds us how dry friable floor litter is very important, especially in winter, to keep your hens healthy and happy.

So with the kind permission of Practical Poultry, we are republishing Andy’s top tips for January, here…
1. Handle your birds – it’s important to understand their condition by feeling their breast bone. Simply, if you can’t feel the breast bone the hen is overweight and if the breast bone feels like a knife blade the hen is too thin.
2. How have your flock fared during the winter months? Are they fit? Do they need worming?
3. Did you know that carrots are really good for your hens? They find them delicious and they contain some trace elements and minerals, plus help produce a rich golden yolk colour. Introducing carrots into your birds’ run will add something of interest, helping with potential boredom during the shorter days at this time of the year.
4. Red mites should always be on every keeper’s radar and January is a great time to clean out the coop. Regularly dust all the nooks, crannies and nest boxes to help keep red mites under control. Red mites can remain dormant and survive for years without a feed, so whilst you don’t think you have a problem, regular cleaning is extremely important.
5. As the weather gets colder, empty your water containers at night to prevent any frost damage to them.

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