Horse insurance

  • Death, theft or straying – this is the starting point of any horse insurance policy and should cover death or euthanasia of the horse or if the horse is lost or stolen, to the sum insured/market value of said insured horse.
  • Public liability – this provides cover to the policy holder against their liability in the event their horse causes damage to someone or to someone’s property/belongings.
  • Permanent loss of use – this provides cover if the horse becomes injured and therefore can no longer fulfil the activity for which the horse is insured for. (This is normally used when insuring competition horses)
  • Vet Fees – there are normally several different levels of cover available depending on the horse’s age and the activities the horse participates in. Vet fee policies do not cover routine veterinary procedures for example vaccinations.
  • Saddlery & Tack – this covers the policy holder’s tack if physically lost/stolen or damaged, normally to the value at time of loss, but not exceeding the sum insured.

Rider Insurance 

  • Public liability – this covers the policy holder against their legal liability to a third party, for the damages and costs arising from them riding the insured horse.
  • Personal accident – this would cover you as the policy holder for death, total disablement, loss of hearing, sight or limb as a result of a bodily injury sustained whilst riding or handling the insured horse.
  • Dental cover – this covers the policy holder against dental treatment following accidental bodily injury to your mouth and/or teeth as a result of the riding/handling of the insured horse.

Trailer insurance 

  • Physical loss or damage to the trailer whilst immobilised.
  • Physical loss or damage to the trailer whilst being towed.
  • Public liability to a third party for the damages and costs arising from your use of the insured trailer.

There are many different companies that offer horse/trailer insurance and all of them will offer different levels of cover to build a policy to suit you and your horse’s needs.

Always read the small print of the policy offered to be fully aware what is and what isn’t covered.

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