Two rabbits and a tortoise from Stockport are loving their home since they changed to easibed. Their owner Dee noticed that her rabbits were snuffily and rubbing their eyes whilst on sawdust and shavings so she decided to research bedding that would make her animals more comfortable.

“I found easibed at my local Decathlon store and as soon as I put it down for the animals I noticed immediately that my rabbits Fluffy and Bugs could breathe more easily,” said Dee.

“It drains easily keeping their fluffy paws dry and doesn’t clump like sawdust. And I don’t need to use as much, taking out only the dirty parts means it’s more economical and cheaper.”

Dee’s tortoise Timmy also loves easibed. “When he was on sand and sawdust it would get stuck under his shell and also in his eyes, he’s much happier now on easibed,” said Dee.

easibed’s free draining and dust free properties means that it can help all animals especially as the weather gets colder and there’s more mud around.

Wood fibre beddings

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