When Emma adopted Polish Bantams Goldie and Shani it was apparent they both had life changing health issues. Goldie is totally blind and Shani has severe respiratory issues resulting in both birds needing close care and attention. Emma has over 10 years’ experience in keeping poultry so she took on the challenge of introducing these two special girls to the rest of the coop without hesitation.

Shani was soon diagnosed with respiratory problems after a visit to the vets. She has been given supplements to take to help assist with her recovery but it soon became apparent that the previous bedding Shani was living on was also making her chest uneasy. Luckily Emma was bedding her birds on easichick so Shani was soon reaping the benefits of the dust free wood fibre bedding.

“I have been using easichick for over five years, it keeps the girls coop fresher for longer and I am an even bigger fan now I can see how much it has improved Shani’s respiratory health. Here I also hatch Frizzle Peakin Bantams and I am passionate about giving them the best start in life, that’s why I use easichick,” said Emma.

Emma could tell that Goldie would have no problem integrating with the other birds in the coop as she has such a big personality! Along with her sister showing her the way around the coop and where the feed tray was, Goldie and Shani were soon known as the Pom Pom Girls because they were inseparable.

Goldie is also partial to perching on Emma’s shoulder when it’s time to clean out the coop. “I am glad easichick keeps the coop dry and clean for longer as Goldie isn’t a great help when she tries to ride on my shoulders when I’m cleaning. Luckily the bedding doesn’t blow around either or else it would be everywhere when I am filling up the coop, the girls love to scrat around in easichick, it’s great for dust bathing!”

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