easibed ambassador and British event rider, Ben Hobday tells us why easibed is the only choice for his team’s horse bedding…. “easibed is super easy to muck out as the clean bedding falls through and only the muck remains on the fork which means less waste. It’s  amazing for soaking up the wet, letting it drain through to the bottom of the bed and not letting it spread which means we don’t need to remove the wet more than once a week. All the benefits make it easy to manage and more economical than other beddings we have used in the past. easibed also packs well as banks around the bed and there is no dust which we all love about it, we only realise how dust free it is when we visit other yards and see how dusty their bedding is!  easibed not only looks good in the stable but the horses love sleeping on it too. It’s the easi choice for us!!”


Wood fibre beddings

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