This is Solo, a Poland Frizzle white Bantam who has been hatched by Abbie, a 14 year old Poland enthusiast. Abbie has raised her brood of 14 hens with the guidance of her mum Hayley, a lifelong chicken keeper. Hayley said, “Abbie is a real natural with her Poland’s and has a passion for showing her girls at competitions.”

Along with helping out with the sheep and lambs, Abbie cares for her own hens without any assistance now and says she loves it. Solo is by far Abbie’s favourite bird and a unique one at that!

Solo was hatched back in June 2017 and proved to be one of a kind as when the family had incubator issues, the rest of the eggs sadly didn’t hatch. Solo was the only one to survive… hence her unique name!

The rest is history, Solo is now a champion bird who is adored by all, she has a real showgirl spirit  and to ensure the limelight is always on her Solo will happily perch on top of the head of passers-by to be in full view!

To ensure Solo is always kept in the best condition she is bedded on easichick for competitions and in her coop, they have the reassurance that she will always be clean, dry and warm whatever the occasion. Hayley said, “We have found that easichick keeps the coops very dry and clean, with other products we have used in the past the coops get very mucky and wet which with a white Bantam is not ideal.

“It’s great to know we have a bedding we can rely upon, knowing it’s clean and comfortable for the girls. I also love the fact there is no dust, I have suffered terribly in the past with my chest and I still do  at some competitions because of other bedding used there. But I know with easichick I don’t have to worry about this when cleaning out the coop, there’s a pleasant smell to it too which is a massive bonus!”

Abbie is now part of the Poland Club GB where she can ask for advice on her birds and keep in touch with other Poland enthusiast. Both Hayley and Abbie have said that the Poland Club GB have been extremely supportive and encouraging, definitely worth joining the community if you’re a Poland keeper.

So what does the future hold for Solo? She will continue to keep up with her sassy character in competitions but hopefully the family will be blessed with lots of hatchlings as they are breeding Solo at the end of February!

We can’t wait to hear if Solo has had her own family of showgirls, we’re sure she will make a fantastic mother hen.

Keep your eyes peeled for a family feature of spring chicks born and raised on easichick!

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