Here at easichick HQ nothing gets us in the mood for Christmas like a happy festive story!

And we’ve got a real treat for you today because we have two very festive hens to tell you about!

Meet Claudia and Clarice our Christmas chickens. These girls like nothing more than fluffing their feathers to a Christmas tune keeping themselves cosy by trapping warm air and getting stuck into their treats loaded with scratch grains, nuts and berries!

Claudia and Clarice were both battery hens rescued by their new keepers Darcy and Ken last year. Darcy said ‘The girls bring so much character to the coop, especially at Christmas time, it’s like they really know it’s their favourite time of the year! We get our radio out whilst we’re pottering about outside and they fluff their feathers along to the Christmas carols. They really are a special pair!’

Ken told us he will be treating the girls to a cosy coop of easichick as usual this year and might even pop a seed wreath on the side of coop to keep them busy over the festive period.

We love that idea Ken!

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