So there we are casually warming up in the outdoor school with the flood lights on, it was a little windy so I started with 20 metre circles with lots of transitions to get Humbug listening, we started at the top of the school and worked our way down to the bottom of the school, by the daffodils!
Suddenly Humbug bolted, the force of him bolting forced me backwards to the point I was nearly lay down, after regaining my position quickly, I was able to pull him up. Humbug seemed very nervous but I had no idea why, so I carried on with my exercises and he seemed to settle, until we reached the bottom of the school when Humbug shot forwards again.
I could not work out what was wrong until I saw the daffodils swaying in the wind – then I realised this may be the cause of the Humbugs reaction. So I came back to a walk so we could have a good look at the scary daffodils, however Humbug would not go near them. It must have taken a good five to ten minutes of me reassuring him that he was okay before he calmed down.
We carried on schooling for a while, however he was still not impressed with the daffodils but he was much calmer. After all this excitement we headed back to the stable block where Humbug was very pleased to get back to his easibed.
The day after I thought I had better ride him past the daffodils again to make sure that this issue had been resolved – Humbug was fine, I don’t think he even noticed them as there was no reaction to the daffodils at all, he was good as gold. Humbug certainly makes me laugh!
Has anyone else experienced an issue with their horses and daffodils?

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