Leg up for Talent star and easibed sponsored rider Dani Letherby has been out and about this weekend competing at Lincoln for the British Riding Club National Style Jumping on Bud.

Burghley traffic was so busy en route Dani got there with only minutes to spare before the start of her class. She managed to declare, tack up, stud up, warm up and learn the course in 25 minutes and got a fantastic result of coming 37th out of over 100!

Dani said: “Thankfully Bud’s easibed kept him clean from the night before because I didn’t have a chance to even run a brush over him when we arrived!

Dani has been sponsored by easibed for over six month now and during this time has noticed a massive difference in Bud and her other horse Sol. Dani added, “The supportive properties definitely came into play when we were back home after Lincoln and although I travelled him home with compression socks, he didn’t wear them overnight and there was no swelling, windgalls or stiffness yesterday. In fact he was being really cheeky and full of himself!”

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