New easibed user Aimee had been trying to find a bedding suitable for her horse  who is very wet and also has hypersensitivity to dust. Aimee has been happily using easibed for her rabbits, Fudge & Roy, for some time now so decided to give it a try in Delboy’s stable.

Aimee’s gorgeous dogs lent a paw to help her set it up, giving their approval straight away, and she was really impressed that it only took her 6 minutes during her lunch break to set up the new easibed stable

When Aimee took Delboy into his stable she expected him to roll around in it, as he would normally on new bedding day,  but he obviously liked his new easibed so much he didn’t want to mess it up and just graciously walked into the stable and stood on his bedding.


We think that you’ll be very happy on your easibed Delboy and we look forward to catching up with Aimee very soon to see how it’s working for them both



Wood fibre beddings

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