Sophie is new to easibed dust free bedding having changed from straw a few weeks ago. In this short amount of time she can’t believe the difference it has made to her horses and the time it saves her in the yard.

Her horse Charlie is a box walker and Sophie says usually on straw it takes over an hour to clean him out but with easibed it takes as little as 10 minutes. Ze, Sophie’s other horse has also been converted to easibed and between them both it now takes under half an hour to muck them out.

Sophie has had Charlie for around 15 months and knows when he’s stabled he has a banked bed, whereas Ze who has been with Sophie for 3 months is suited better to a flatbed or else she covers over the poo with the banks.

Sophie said: “Thank you easibed for making my life easier. I ordered a pallet and I am very impressed with it, especially as I have a box walker.”

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