Two working collies from Herefordshire are happy at home since their kennel and run was changed to dust-free easibed.  Their owner Flo, the Retailer Manager at Equestrian & Country Leisure in Worcester tried easibed when her horse was stabled with laminitis and developed a respiratory issue; she had to find a bedding that helped her horse and whilst using it on her horse she recognised the fantastic absorbency and decided to try it with her dogs.

Flo’s two collies are in their kennel at night and during the day when they’re not helping at the store! They were getting so messy until she put down two inches of easibed throughout and watched to see if it helped.  The poo rolled up in the wood fibre so could easily be picked out and the wet soaked through the bedding leaving the top dry for their paws and fur, only needing to be cleaned out once a week.  This way the dogs stayed really clean and fresh.

Flo said, “It’s clean, bright and doesn’t smell, plus I’m asthmatic so the dust free means it easier for me to manage.  Even as puppies the bedding was perfect after about four weeks old, everyone knows puppies can be messy, but easibed kept the kennel fresh and the puppies clean.”

Flo and her mother manage two flocks of sheep and the dogs Gyn and Bron are always ready to help round everyone up!

Wood fibre beddings

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