I had my camera at the ready when the boys discovered their new beds as I had bets that both horses would roll – I was wrong! Chocolate did not know what to think of it and Humbug……well he tried his best to eat it but much to his disgust he had to keep spitting it out!  I ‘m very excited to see how they sleep over night…………….

So, the morning after their first night on easibed…….It was good news in Chocolate’s stable as there are droppings and signs that he has urinated, yet the bed is still fresh smelling and the bed is not discoloured – but more importantly he did not cough once this morning! Mucking out took 5-10 minutes max and I only filled half of the wheel barrow with muck.

Humbug was tidier in the stable than Chocolate, this is something new! There is  plenty of bedding left so he has not succeeded in eating his bed, but there is still no sign that he had urinated unfortunately. Mucking out took 5 minutes and again only half of a wheel barrow of muck.

Day 2 on easibed – All good in Chocolates stable which still smells fresh –  5 minutes to muck out and still only half a wheel barrow of muck. Still no coughing which is fantastic.

Amazing news in Humbugs stable as there are signs that he has urinated which was a great relief as he must feel more comfortable to do so – 5 minutes to muck out and half a wheel barrow of waste.

Day 3 on easibed –All good still in Chocolate’s stable – I am still amazed that I have not heard him cough. The dust free bedding is definitely helping him.

Humbug is definitely urinating in his stable I can see the slightly darker easibed fibres to the front of the stable, yet the bedding is still dry even though this stable does drain to the front, after skipping out and tidying the bed was good as new again, still only half a wheel barrow of waste.

Day 4 on easibed –So this morning there is a darker patch of bedding where Chocolate has been urinating – even though the wet patch is visible today you can clearly see the bedding around the area still looks dry and the bed still smells fresh! I removed the dry bed around the wet area, removed the wet and then relayed dry bedding over the top, this literally took seconds to do and still not filling a whole barrow of waste. I decided to top up with 1 bale of easibed as I wanted to bring his bed forward as he seem to hang over the edge when eating his hay net.

Humbug’s bed only needed skipping out and tidying – it’s so easi!

I have 2 happy horses on easibed, you can see that they have lay down, urinated, pooped and no coughing heard and I am a happy owner that no longer have dust up my nose and I no longer have to shake relentless bales of straw.

💚I Love easibed.💚


Wood fibre beddings

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