New easibed lover Clare explains …….

“I have 2 horses that I have bedded on straw for many of years as the straw was included in my livery package. Straw works but it has never been my first choice, it was just there!

My Thoroughbred Cross, Chocolate always ends up with a wet/smelly bed that needs lifting and drying every day and my Irish Cobb, Humbug likes to eat the straw, meaning I add straw pretty much every day. By the time I have mucked out both stables it’s labour and time intensive.

The other issues I find using straw is that Chocolate coughs a lot in the mornings and he will not urinate when the bed becomes too wet, whereas Humbug rarely urinates in his stable at all, as he always waits until he is turned out which must be very uncomfortable for him. The other main issue with straw is that I am asthmatic so the dust can play havoc on my chest, causing me to cough and wheeze.

So, I have decided to take the plunge and give easibed wood fibre bedding a go after hearing how easy it was to muck out as it works on a deep litter system, it’s dust free, free draining and supports horse’s legs and joints amongst many other positive points.

Humbug’s stable took 8 bales to set up and Chocolate’s took 9 bales, this was enough to create a good firm base including generous banks. It was lovely putting the bed down and still feeling clean afterwards!

I also remembered to cut out my easitokens as I opened each bale and I found the wood fibre is very easy to move about and lay into place creating a very comfortable looking bed – I quite fancied lying down and trying it.

I love easibed …………..#easilover

I’ll update you on the reactions the new bedding got from the boys next time…..


Wood fibre beddings

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