As I have previously mentioned Humbug’s saddle has been sent back the manufacturer for repair as the saddle had twisted – this has meant that Humbug has been on rather light exercise duties compared to his normal routine.

Humbug is an extremely good doer, so in a bid to help prevent Humbug putting on weight, he has been enjoying some lunging work and walking out in hand. I am being extremely strict about what he is eating but with the added pressure of the nice weather and the recent rain, we have a surplus of grass and it’s a very fine line between keeping Humbug trim and preventing the grass from growing out of control.

How easibed plays a major part in keeping Humbug trim………

If you have a good doer in a similar situation to Humbug, then easibed would be a great bedding choice for your horse, as it’s is made from non-edible wood fibres, meaning whilst your horse is stabled there is no risk of you horse filing up by eating their bedding.

Bedding such as straw, hemp, miscanthus (Elephant grass) can all be eaten by horses, which doesn’t help when calorie counting for your equine partner.

Humbug now has a new daily routine to help battle the bulge,

During the Day – Humbug comes in at 7am until 6pm everyday and has just once slice of hay and fresh water. I used to worry if 1 slice of hay would be enough to last him,  but now he is in a routine he has learnt not to gobble it down and quite often there is a mouthful of hay left in his hay net in the evenings.

During the night – Humbug stays out all night, but is strip grazed. This really helps to stop him eating too much yet keeping on top of the grass. I push the fencing back a section daily and this seems to really work for us.


Wood fibre beddings

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