I am happy to report that Humbug has not escaped (yet!), the fencing seems to be holding him so far, but this may also be down to the fact that he has not stopped eating for the last week!
Chocolate has took it all in his stride and is happy lazing about enjoying the warmer weather.
They both seem very happy and relaxed but when it comes to working Chocolate has been rather jolly after eating all that nice green grass. Humbug on the other hand is slightly lame, I suspect a pulled muscle maybe from having a run around the field, as there is no heat or swelling to be seen or felt. I have decided to treat him with cold therapy boots as a precaution and have poulticed his off fore as his white line is a little soft on the inner side, maybe there is an abscess trying to work its way out! Time will tell!
It’s a good job both horses can come in at night to enjoy their easibeds to give their stomach’s a rest and thankfully as it’s so supportive Humbug will be able to rest in comfort helping him with a speedy recovery.

We look forward to catching up with you all very soon Team Sweet

Wood fibre beddings

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