Well done to Dani and Sol who both headed off to a dressage competition last Saturday and finished in 4th place with 67.08%!  Then Dani took Bud to Hickstead for the teams on Sunday to jump 1.05m.

“Bud had eight faults due to a stop at the first fence and then had the third fence down, so he made up for himself afterwards and over jumped everything!! Unfortunately we didn’t qualify this year but there is always next time,” said Dani.

“It was Bud’s first time doing a bigger class in a while, and only his second time jumping competitively since his time off with his injury, so I’m really pleased with him. He’s not doing bad for 20 years old and only being back in work for two months!!

“Bud stood in the lorry on his easibed all day as I couldn’t risk putting him in a stable next to a horse on dusty bedding.   There wasn’t an asthma flare-up even with all the pollen in the air!” Dani added.

Bud will be back at a dressage competition on Friday and Sol has another dressage competition at the end of the month in the hope of taking Dani to the Regional’s so there will be lots of training for Dani to be doing.

We can’t wait to find out how they get on – Good Luck Dani.

Wood fibre beddings

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