Latest easibed converts, Amy and her 25 year old mare Mo, are loving their new easibed stable.

Amy told us “Mo has always been wet in the stable and in the past I have always used straw. This summer she has been wetter than ever whilst coming in during the day due to the heat, to the point where the puddles of wet were having to be swept out. Shavings didn’t help much either.

I then spoke to Clare from Team Sweet who explained how easibed works and decided to give it a go. It’s only a week in and I am very impressed already. Super easy to bed down initially, has a high quality feel to it and it makes a good firm base which doesn’t move about when Mo moves around, something which is very important for an older horse who needs a supportive base to their bed.

I work at a large livery yard and easibed has made me realise how much easier it is to put down in comparison to both big and small flake shavings. Mucking out is really quick and easy, hardly any of the bedding sticks to the droppings, it just shakes off through the fork. I have also noticed there isn’t a “wet” smell at all. In comparison with shavings or straw, I was taking out a full barrow daily and the bed had to be left up to get rid of the odour.  easibed doesn’t blow around either so there’s no mess blowing around the stables.

I am most definitely converted and I will be swapping my other pony onto easibed too.

Thanks go to Clare for showing me the benefits of easibed and to easibed for making such an awesome bedding!

Wood fibre beddings

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