Easibed lover, Angela White has been involved with horses most of her life and in her opinion, easibed is by far the best horse bedding. She says “It’s dust free, easy to muck out, the wet stays contained in the same area and the top stays dry for the ponies to lie on” Her ponies Kyra and Lulu, who are 23 and 22 years old respectively, love that it doesn’t get stuck to their manes and tails like shavings used to, in turn making Angela’s life easier when it comes to their grooming.

Outside of the stable, Angela has discovered it has many uses around her garden too. She takes the easibed that has been mucked out of the stables and puts it on the garden to suppress the weeds, on top of the flower beds to stop the soil from drying out in the summer months and also likes to use it on muddy ground around the gateways where once it’s settled it doesn’t blow around.

Angela goes on to say “ As time moves on, we all become a little stiffer but the daily jobs still need to be done and that is where easibed comes into its own for me, making my life so much easier. I noticed that the bedding is recognised by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association so it’s a great product to put back into the environment. Thank you easibed for making my life easier”.



Wood fibre beddings

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