We love happy customers and so does Pitlessie Rabbit Retreat and Guinea Pig Care, based in the blustery village of Pitlessie in Fife.

The holiday home for guinea pigs and rabbits was set up two years ago by Tristan and Hannah. They started with a just few hutches and runs for their guest, but their retreat has grown so quickly, they already have nearly 80 bookings for 2018 with over 300 small animals booked in last year.

“We’ve tried various types of bedding but nothing compares to easibed, which we use along with quality hay, it’s not only great for its ease of  use, but it even looks more professional,” said Tristan.

“It’s so much better than the shavings we used to use and we know it provides our fury guests a warm, clean and comfortable bed, plus it doesn’t blow around or stick to their fur – it’s a winner all round.”

“The bedding separates from the hay which makes life easier when we are filling up the hay baskets and picking up the stray hay pieces,” said Hannah.

It’s not just a boarding service that Hannah and Tristan run, they want their customers’ pets to have the best possible time whilst away from their family and easibed helps them to provide this. The couple have seven rabbits and two guinea pigs themselves and since using easibed they have noticed the difference – there is with no dust.

“We would only want to ever use the best bedding for our animals, so there is no reason to why would we use anything else in our pet guest houses. We always strive for the highest standard of care to our customer’s pets as well as our own.”

If you would like to use the guinea pig and rabbit retreat, visit the website here for further information.

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