Charlotte Baillie owner and breeder of Olympic Flame or Flame as he is known at home, contacted us to say how much easibed dust free bedding has helped them both.

Flame 10 was born with a cleft palate and initially the outlook wasn’t good for him but with lots of loving care and the supportive dust-free bedding Flame is now doing well and is out and about competing at dressage, is enjoying life and at 16.1HH is jumping 1m fences!

“I love easibed not just because it’s quick and easy to use but it helps dry his hooves after being turned out in a muddy field. Before using easibed Flame used to suffer with a lot of foot abscesses but since swapping he hasn’t had any issues,” says Charlotte.

Charlotte moved to Scotland with her husband 6 years ago and Flame is well up to weight. “When you walk on to the yard you know easibed is being used as it always smells divine,” she added.

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