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We know how important it is to you that your horse is clean and presentable, which is why we understand why so many people in the showing world love easibed.

Because it is a dust free, wood fibre bedding, it doesn’t cling to manes or tails. Its dust free properties also make it a healthy environment for your horse to live in and for you to muck out! But in addition to the above reasons, easibed – if used correctly – is also much more economical than traditional beddings like shavings and straw because you need less easibed in your stable and you can muck out a lot less frequently.

easibed’s ability to allow the wet to drain through to the base leaves the top of an easibed stable dry and comfortable for your horse. You are then able to simply pick off the muck from the top of the bed.

Removing the wet is easy too and can be done as little or as often as you want. Just separate the dry top layer, lift out the wet and top up with a little more bedding if needed. And because you use less easibed, you have a smaller muck heap so it’s a win win situation – you gain back time and save money!

Organic Framers and Growers | easirangeeasibed also has Organic Farmers and Growers certification so can be spread on land or your garden. For more information about easibed click here

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I would just like to say how fantastic easibed is. My horse had really bad problems itching himself raw. He also developed colic from the frustration of itching.

He was taken to Leahurst and had allergen testing and the results show he is allergic to dust. We changed his bedding to easibed and the difference is incredible. No itching what so ever. So thank you!

Collette Reynolds

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