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Vets across the UK recommend easibed and easibed plus for their clients’ horses because of the added benefits the beddings bring.

Not only are both the beddings dust free, but easibed plus also contains organic additives which help to reduce contaminants in the stable, supporting your horse’s respiratory health. This bedding also helps to suppress odours and contains an effective fly-deterrent, reducing the need to use fly spray on stabled horses.

Jo Martin, Yard Manager at Paton and Lee Veterinary Practice in Essex loves easibed because it’s such clean bedding.

She said: “Our yard and stables have to be maintained to a very high standard, with an emphasis on hygiene. We find easibed quick and easy to muck out and it meets the strict requirements needed for the patients in our care.“

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Why our customers love easibed…

We use easibed on our whole yard and find it so easy to keep the beds really clean.  We’re away at shows all year round and even at the busiest times easibed allows us to maintain consistent high standards on the yard, which is important because it keeps the horses healthy and jumping at their peak.

Ellen Whitaker

International Show Jumper

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