easichick bio-secure poultry bedding has seen a surge in enquiries and sales since the outbreak of Avian Flu was confirmed in the UK in December.

As the UK’s only poultry bedding guaranteed to be bio-secure from factory to henhouse, we are hearing from farmers and backyard chicken keepers on a daily basis how keen they are to protect their flocks. And they are recognising the benefits easichick offers them in the current climate.

Claire Hayward, national sales manager for easichick, said: “AI is a big threat to the UK’s poultry at the moment and we have seen an increase in the number of calls we’ve received asking about the availability of easichick and ultimately purchasing the bedding as one of several bio-secure measures poultry keepers are putting in place.”

easichick was developed more than ten years ago with the input of commercial poultry farmers who said they needed a bio-secure bedding to help protect their flock from bacterias and disease, and increase yields.

Today it is also used and loved by hundreds of specialist poultry breeders and backyard chicken keepers who love its health and welfare benefits as well.

easichick is made from recycled wood fibre and treated with a patented organic additive making it bio-secure. It is:

  • Guaranteed to be biosecure from factory to delivery protecting against diseases such as AI and salmonella 
  • Absorbent, free-draining and dust free
  • Has zero counts for moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudmonas, Aspergillus sp. Avian Influenza and Entero bacteria*
  • Has Organic Farmers and Growers approval so can be spread on land
  • Is ideal for keeping birds comfortable and dry while indoors

For a free sample or bedding advice contact easichick by emailing hello@easibedding.co.uk or calling 0161 301 6600.


(*20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus); 10 organisms/gram (Entero bacteria); 20 organisms/gram (Moulds); 20 organisms/gram (Pseudomonas); and not detected in 25g (Salmonella).)

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