easichick for cage & aviary birds…

easichick provides the perfect solution to your bedding needs for cage & aviary birds.

Budgerigars, canaries, parakeets – whatever your bird, you can be sure they will love easichick and so will you. This dust-free wood fibre bedding is perfect because it is absorbent, free draining and makes cleaning out cages easy.

It is also biosecure, making it bacteria free*, so it’s great for helping to protect the health of your birds too.

Why not give it a try!

*Using standard laboratory tests with a limit of detection of 20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus), 10 organisms/gram (enterobacteria) and 1 viable organism/25 g (Salmonella).
easichick dust free chicken bedding

Why our customers love easichick…

We have been using easichick on the floor of our run, our hen coop and also in our goose house. It’s fab. I always tell everyone about how I’ve tried other beddings but then I tried the best, easichick!

Sammy Jackson, Bedfordshire

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