easichick for commercial farmers…

Commercial poultry farmers have been using easichick wood fibre bedding for years.

In fact, they helped us develop the bedding specially to meet the needs of their poultry, to improve the health and well-being of the birds, and in turn improve yields for farmers.

easichick is:

  • Guaranteed to be biosecure from factory to delivery
  • Absorbent and free-draining
  • Dust free
  • Zero counts for moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudomonas, Aspergillus sp. Avian Influenza and Entero bacteria*
  • Improved thermal properties
  • Reduces ammonia therefore reduced hock burn
  • Reduced need for topping up
  • Reduces capping
  • Reduces podo
  • Fast recovery in extreme conditions
  • Traceable testing for all bedding produced

easichick is suitable for use in most spreading equipment and will not carry easily into the feed or the drinkers.

easichick can be disposed of in the same way as all other litters and is regularly used for:

  • Pelleting for horticultural fertiliser
  • Spreading on farmland
  • Spreading on grassland
  • Spreading on organic approved agricultural land as it is approved for use in organic systems by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association
  • Burning as a fuel at poultry litter approved power stations.
*20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus); 10 organisms/gram (Entero bacteria); 20 organisms/gram (Moulds); 20 organisms/gram (Pseudomonas); and not detected in 25g (Salmonella).
Biosecurity is a key issue for us. easichick’s guaranteed biosecurity gives us peace of mind. It’s an excellent bedding.
David Harkin

Broiler Manager GB, Moy Park

easichick dust free chicken bedding
easichick dust free chicken bedding

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Why our customers love easichick…

easichick helps provide the best start for our growers with consistently high standards and a totally reliable service. I have complete peace of mind.

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