easichick for pigeons…

Pigeon fanciers across the UK tell us that easichick is the best bedding they have ever tried.

They love it because its easier to keep their birds clean if they are on easichick. And apparently they think their pigeons love it because its warm and comfortable.

easichick is also perfect for using as compost, so great for gardens and allotments. It has Organic Farmers and Growers certification so can even be used to spread on land used for growing organic produce.

Organic Framers and Growers | easirange


Why our customers love easichick…

We have been using easichick on the floor of our run, our hen coop and also in our goose house. It’s fab. I always tell everyone about how I’ve tried other beddings but then I tried the best, easichick!
Sammy Jackson, Bedfordshire

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