easichick for small animals…

easichick provides the perfect bedding for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas etc

Rabbit keeper Hans Dyer explains:

“I keep show rabbits and I have high expectations of the type of bedding I give them eg. dust free, easy to hoover up etc.

“Your product continues to impress me. I usually clean my rabbits twice a week (there are just over 50 cages). By Wednesday some of them used smell due to ammonia etc and I don’t want to upset the  neighbours.

“I have noticed that the cages I’ve used easichick in do not smell in the slightest. I would not allow any of my animals to sit in muck but this easichick stuff really is doing things for me! ”

rabbit on easichick dust free chicken bedding

Why our customers love easichick…

We have been using easichick on the floor of our run, our hen coop and also in our goose house. It’s fab. I always tell everyone about how I’ve tried other beddings but then I tried the best, easichick!

Sammy Jackson, Bedfordshire

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