easichick for turkeys…

The first six weeks are a vulnerable time for young turkeys, with birds frequently rolling onto their backs and unable to right themselves.

Tests have shown that easichick greatly reduces the risk of accidental rolling and makes it easier for birds to right themselves if they do roll over.

In addition easichick provides:

    • Dust free bedding
    • Zero counts for moulds, Salmonella sp., Pseudomonas, Aspergillus sp. Avian Influenza and Entero bacteria
    • Improved thermal properties
    • Reduced ammonia therefore reduced hock burn
    • Reduction in topping up
    • Reduced capping
    • Fast recovery in extreme conditions
    • Traceable testing for all bedding produced
    • Suitable for use in most spreading equipment
    • easichick will not carry easily into the feed or the drinkers
    • easichick is extremely absorbent and friable

Turkeys thrive with easichick bedding, due to the bedding’s unique ability to remain free-flowing under extreme conditions.

Start your turkeys on easichick breeder and top up with easichick top up bales.

*Using standard laboratory tests with a limit of detection of 20 organisms/gram (Aspergillus), 10 organisms/gram (enterobacteria) and 1 viable organism/25 g (Salmonella).
easichick dust free chicken bedding
Turkey chicks on easichick dust free chicken bedding

Why our customers love easichick…

We have been using easichick on the floor of our run, our hen coop and also in our goose house. It’s fab. I always tell everyone about how I’ve tried other beddings but then I tried the best, easichick!
Sammy Jackson, Bedfordshire

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