Guinea pig owner Amy, had been using a wood pellet based cat litter for her guinea pigs for a while but wasn’t happy that it got quite smelly over a short period of time and so began looking for an alternative bedding for them.

Her father Eric uses easichick in the cages of his prize winning birds and suggested Amy tried it for her guinea pigs.

Amy says “Using the wood pellet litter meant I had to clean the cage out every day which became a chore. After my dad suggested easichick as an alternative solution I tried it straightaway and to my delight the improvement was instantly noticeable. The horrible smell has gone and now I only need to clean them out every two to three weeks. Also, with easichick being dust free it helps with their respiratory needs too”

Amy’s farther Eric Michie is well known in the Java Sparrow Association and is an established champion breeder of Silverbills

Wood fibre beddings

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