The latest ambassador to join the easibed team is successful British event rider and all round personality Ben Hobday, who’s recently relocated to Northumberland having new purpose built stables for his horses.

easibed caught up with Ben to hear how he is getting on in his career, his horses and the new yard.

Ben has 32 horses in work at his new place all at different stages of training, some just starting out competing at BE100 and novice this season, with the other older horses aimed at 3*, 4* and 5* events.

“Previously I used straw but with easibed we’re saving around 2 hours a day just mucking out, plus the time and money spent with disposal – easibed is very absorbent, we’ve much less waste than straw which is another great plus point,” said Ben.

Ben and his wife Emma also run Shadow Sports Horses producing event horses for sale: “We’re all about quality of horse rather than quantity,” Ben added.

“Having moved into this great brand new yard we didn’t want it to become dusty with using straw, so I decided from the beginning that we would use easibed because I knew it was dust free, plus we’re training athletes here, so they need the best environment to maintain peak performance.”

Ben is focussed on eight rides and Emma has four. “My top ride is Harelaw Wizard (Wiz Kid), a Clydesdale x TB and a chunky chap owned by Charles Robson. Wiz Kid is 12 years now and full of experience and ready to take me through the top long format courses,” said Ben.

Another one of Ben’s team is Shadow Man II who is on good form for this year. “Last year he was in the top 5 in most 3* events and my aim is to get him in the 4* at Bramham.”

Ben trains with Matt Frost for his dressage and tries to get to Christopher Bartle when he can; Ben’s has even had some input from the infamous Ian Stark.

Ben is all over social media with busy Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts with his famous #Yehboi he has nearly 75,000 followers on Instagram and over 53,000 on Facebook, his life is extremely busy keeping his fans up to date and running his successful yard.

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