Clare explains.. “Olivia and Humbug entered the Intro B Class, whereas Chocolate and I entered the Prelim and Novice Classes. Knowing that Chocolate and I are at the top of the leader board I really wanted to try and maintain our lead following this competition as I am not sure how long this online Dressage league plans to run – I am guessing until lockdown states we can all start competing as normal again but we shall have to wait and see.

I was so happy to learn that Humbug and Olivia had come 4th in the Intro B class and had some lovely comments off the Judge ‘Lovely willing horse who tries hard for you’ – that’s my boy !!   They are both quietly working their way up the leader board now too.

Well, Chocolate stole the show and had an amazing double win – he is a legend! I love this horse to bits as he teaches me how to be a better horse woman every day and also reminds me not to take anything for granted, which I never do. He amazes me every day!

On top of this we are ahead on the leader board by 9 points following our latest results!

I think both horses are in need of extra carrots in their tea tonight along with some extra cuddles from me.

The next competition is in 2 weeks, Chocolate and I may brave our first attempt at an Elementary Dressage test!!!! Feeling motivated and excited – I do love the competition season – GOALS!

Meanwhile the boys are having a well-earned day off and having a sleepy day in their easibeds”

We can’t wait to find out how they get on next time!!


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