Like all horse lovers, here at easibedding HQ we always find it terribly sad when we hear of a horse having a bad start in life. That’s why we admire owners who take on a horse in need of a second chance and want to tell the world about it.

That’s exactly what Helene did for Flurry, a young draft type who had a very rough start to life.

Helene opened her arms to Flurry when she heard about the poor handling she had experienced, and wanted to work with Flurry to forget the past and enjoy a life of happiness and love. As soon as Helene took Flurry to her yard she could instantly see what a wonderful personality she had, with a sweet character. Helene said the funny little quirks Flurry revealed instantly imprinted on her heart.

Besides out working in the field, Flurry is spending a lot of time sleeping due to her young age. Helene wanted to ensure Flurry was clean and comfortable whilst she was lying down and knew she could depend on easibed to provide this. Flurry currently sleeps on mat flooring with a large mattress of easibed on top.

“We love easibed as it is the most dust-free bedding on the market, it doesn’t fly around, it’s free draining keeping the bed nicer for longer and it’s just so easy to deal with,” said Helene.

Now Flurry has settled into her new home it’s clear to see she enjoys working towards a brighter and better future with Helene, which is definitely something Helene can be proud of.

Knowing that working out on the yard with Flurry is building her confidence and reducing stress is of upmost importance to Helene. And being able to have a bedding that she can rely on to continue the best care for Flurry is a weight off her shoulders.

“We have found that whenever we’ve had a new horse come to the stable they usually spend the first three days lying down and sleeping, they just love easibed,” said Helene.

“We also have another horse on our yard that is dust sensitive and easibed works wonderfully for him as well, keeping him totally cough free.”

Helene and Flurry are now looking forward to a future of happy hacking and schooling to continue with Flurry’s brilliant progression.


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