This is Foxy and Beauty who live with Karen in Comber, Northern Ireland. The bedding that Karen had used for over seven years had stopped being made so she had to find an alternative.

Karen said: “For 12 months I was trying various different beddings and I wasn’t happy with any of them. I’d heard of easibed before and read about it on some bedding forums, the comments were very helpful so I made contact with them via their website. You can’t buy easibed here in Northern Ireland so I ordered a pallet of 32 bales to see how I would get on.”

“Initially I thought that easibed was expensive, but after you’ve set up their bed you only need to top up with a small amount – it’s just so economical.  Unlike shavings you don’t need to repeatedly add to the bed or work it to keep it looking fluffy, in fact the less you do the better especially for the stability under the horses’ feet. I take the poo out every day and the wet drains down. It’s less work and far better quality than anything I’ve used before!

Karen added: “The horses stay cleaner and where they are in their barn the wind will really blow, so it’s great easibed doesn’t blow around. What a great bedding, thank you for bringing it over to Northern Ireland. There’s nothing similar to it and I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get hold of it now.”

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