Clare tells us about Chocolates 19th birthday…

“Not sure where all the time has gone as I have owned him since he was 7, not to worry much though as he is still a 6 year old in his mind and in his actions!
I decided to treat him to a Premier Equine Infrared Nano-Tec rug to wear before and after exercise as he can be cold backed throughout the year and has extremely large bucks that I have never been able to sit to. You can also use the rug to travel your horse in which is a bonus!
I really liked the idea of the Infrared technology that has been developed to help re-energise and maximise performance potential by the Nano-Tec infrared fabric reflecting heat and energy from the horse back into their body in the form of infrared light, which leads to many benefits such as, strengthening, improves circulation, flexion range and muscle reaction time, as well as reducing toxins and muscle recovery time.
When I first put the rug on it was lovely to see how relaxed Chocolate became very quickly – I don’t think he ever wants to leave his stable again with this rug and his comfy easibed – what else does a horse that lives like a king need? Oh yes he also needed a party hamper off ‘Nan’ and a lovely homemade card from my niece”

We think he’s too cute Clare


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