Have you seen 15 year old Ranger enjoying a tricky treat to eat to entertain him whilst he is on box rest.💚

Pippa switched to easibed as Ranger was having breathing difficulties on pellets, then he got infested with mites whilst on straw and prior to that he had been on shavings but he is a messy horse so it was getting too expensive to change his bedding every day.

Looking for an alternative, Pippa found easibed 4 years ago and they haven’t looked back since.💚🐴💚 Ranger is currently on box rest due to lameness and has his field buddy with him to keep him company.

Pippa says: ” Even with 2 horses being inside the bedding is as clean as it was a week ago when it was freshly laid. It’s a little wet underneath but very dry on top and still a deep bed. With shavings I’d have had to change it by now so I’m happy and so is Ranger.”💚🐴💚

Wood fibre beddings

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