Last year, Sophie from West Sussex was selected to appear in the Omega Equine All Star Academy on Horse and Country TV and having heard easibed would be the bedding sponsor during the filming, decided to give the dust-free bedding a go before attending the show at Talland School of Equitation.

Sophie’s ten year old Coloured Cob Remmi was on straw before changing to easibed and is a very wet and messy gelding, so the difference it made was amazing. “easibed is 100% better at keeping his feathers clean,” Sophie explained because on straw it often made his feathers stained. “It is great that it doesn’t stick to his mane, tail or feathers and it smells so nice. Remmi seems very happy on his bedding which is much more supportive and comfortable for him to sleep on. Since changing from straw we really haven’t looked back.”

Having owned Remmi for around six years they have formed a great partnership competing in both BD dressage and showing, also more recently taking up jumping after being inspired by the coaches at Talland. Sophie is very much looking forward to returning to Talland next month where she is hoping she and Remmi can show Pammy Hutton just how much they have improved.

Sophie works as Cabin Crew on long haul flights so her choice of bedding is very important as she is often away for several days at a time so needs to be quick and easy for the yard to muck out. Sophie said: “I rode as a child and then took a break whilst at University but it really is my passion.” And we can all see why with such a stunner as Remmi.

“The plan is to compete at BD Pet Plan competitions as well as Showing at CHAPS and Equifest, so all in all a very busy season is planned,” added Sophie.

We wish them both the best of luck and look forward to following their progress.

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