Both Chocolate and Humbug have full clips this time of year as their winter coat comes through very thick and when they work they just get way too hot, especially on those milder days

I am very fortunate to be able to clip both horses in full by myself – I am very patient and always set a lot of time aside to do the job properly and in return the boys stand still until the job is done. They appreciate their hot shower bubble bath afterwards to get rid of all that itchy hair.

Why do we clip horses – Horses grow thick coats and their skin produces more grease in winter to help protect them against wet and cold weather. Their thick coat is slow to dry and cannot keep them warm if left wet/matted from sweat following exercise and therefore leaving the horse vulnerable to chills that can lead to illness.

Remember depending on what type of clip your horse has you will need to rug your horse accordingly, whilst remembering not to ‘over rug’!

If you don’t ride much during the winter months you may not need to clip your horse at all.

Now both of my horses have been clipped and are all cosy in their rugs – my next mission is to deep clean my stables and then lay their fresh easibeds – cannot wait to see my boys happy tucked up in their fresh beds.

Looking fabulous & winter ready boys!!



Wood fibre beddings

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