Clare from Team Sweet answers a question we are frequently asked here at the easi team  – “Do you have to take the wet out of Chocolate’s easibed daily – the answer is NO!

The wood fibres that easibed is made of means when your horse urinates the wet drains straight to the bottom of the bed keeping the top layer of the bed dry, in turn keeping your horse dry too.

Chocolate loves a wee in his easibed, he likes to wee in the same spot every time so naturally of course, over the period of around 7 days a darker patch of the bed will appear – this is when you take the wet out, but I must stress there is no need to lift the entire bed – just take out the wet patch and replace with dry bedding.

Then all you need to do daily is skip out the droppings and give the bed a quick tidy and that is it, 5-10 mins max


HANDY TIP – Chocolate has banks in his stable and I like to keep them rotated keeping the bed fresh. The day I take the wet patch out of his bed, I pull one of the banks down to fill in the bed and then add a fresh bale of easibed to make the new bank.

This means I use 1 bale of easibed every 7 days! Brilliant!”


Wood fibre beddings

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