We always love to hear from happy customers and Craig Milner and his birds are very happy!

Craig keeps budgies and finches at home in the North East and had heard about easichick from other bird keepers. Up until six months ago Craig used sawdust and newspaper on the floor of his aviary but decided to change to easichick to see for himself what was so great about the bedding.

“Firstly it’s so absorbent and there’s less dust for me the birds,” said Craig who had also noticed that the bird room is warmer for them.

“The bedding lasts so much longer and smells fresh,” said Craig who had been away from his birds for over a month. “Normally I would have to clean the aviary out more regularly, but even after a month the bedding was fine, I’m even more impressed with it, it seems to last forever.”

easichick is treated with an organic additive to make it free from moulds and spores that can be harmful to your birds and carries no bacteria helping maintain a biosecure environment in your aviary. “My budgies would eat the newspaper on the floor of the aviary and with easichick it’s not as palatable plus it doesn’t blow around making it a cleaner bedding all round.

“I can’t recommend the bedding enough and always tell my peers and colleagues about it.”

If you would like to try a small sample of easichick email hello@easibedding.co.uk providing your name and address and we will send one out to you.

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