Woody’s Horse of the Month for December is Jake, a 26 year old Irish Cob who has been part of Jordan Wood’s life for nearly 6 years now. When Jordan was younger she had always wanted to ride horses and so she saved up for lessons at a local riding school, where she then went on to work as a volunteer in her spare time. Jake was one of the riding school’s horses and at the time was on a yearlong break due to injury that had almost put him into retirement.  Jordan helped with Jake’s general care then, when he came back into work she was given the opportunity to ride him. By this point Jordan had become a member of the riding school’s weekend staff and was the main person riding and taking care of him. The school then lost a number of their larger horses and Jake was back in high demand for lessons but due to his age, developing arthritis, and a previous injury, he started to go downhill, needing more and more care and not being able to be ridden anymore. Eventually Jordan was offered the opportunity to buy him and she did so with the intention of letting him live a happy retirement with lots of TLC. Nearly a year later, he now spends most of his days galloping around the countryside with other horses.  Jordan takes him for the occasional tack less plod around the arena when he is feeling good and slowly but surely he is becoming stable after lots of big vet bills. His arthritis is now under control and other than a tiny bit of stiffness Jake acts nothing like a horse coming up to his 27th birthday. He has recently been diagnosed with equine asthma and Jordan says that putting him on easibed has helped with Jake’s condition.

Jordan says “  It’s good to know Jake can come inside now without reacting to his bedding thanks to easibed. It’s my always been my goal to give Jake the best as he has always been there for me and means the absolute world to me. He’s one in a million and the kindest soul I have ever met. He has taught so many people to ride and is the best friend I could ever ask for as well as being an easibed fan”.

Jake sounds like such a lovely fella, we’re glad he’s enjoying his retirement with you Jordan.



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