Lightning has been with owner Sarra from birth & they have been a fantastic partnership, each supporting the other through some very tough times.

When Lightning was very young, he was unfortunatley kicked by a 17hh sports horse that had shoes on. The shoe went through his leg into his fetlock joint damaging it badly – it was touch & go for a very long 48 hours. Lightning had no feeling at all in the leg and Sarra was told that with lots & lots of care it would probably take about a year for his leg to heal but he would never be ridden again. He was so patient with every vet visit & such a brave boy that within 6 months he was trying to trot then 2 months after that he was in the field running again. He was checked out by vets & against all the odds Sarra was delighted that he was able to be ridden again and they began to compete in various competitions showing amazing skill & ability. Then the next blow came when Sarra slipped, injuring herself badly and was told she would probably never walk again unaided and would definitly never ride again!!  Lightning was fascinated with the cast & brace she had to wear and treated her so gently whenever he was around her & patiently waited for her to recover. After 3 long years of recovery, he let Sarra ride him again with no hesitation, adapting to her lack of ability to use her legs on him whilst riding. That was earlier this year and over the summer showing season they did lots of inhand shows gradually building both their onfidence. At the end of October they entered a mountain & moorland ridden class & they won 1st place together.

“This little man is the horse of a lifetime, he’s the reason I got back up & walked and the reason I push myself every day. I owe him everything” – said Sarra.

We think you are both superstars & wish you well in your next ventures – keep us posted.

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