We are often asked what is the difference between our easichick poultry bedding and our easibed equine bedding and the answer is ‘lots’!

Both beddings are manufactured from white wood fibre to the highest standards following extensive research into the needs of each of animal and their wellbeing, and both aid the health of your animals.

However, easichick is a unique bedding for poultry and cage & aviary birds because it contains a special organic additive that is applied during the manufacturing process. The treatment ensures the bedding is 100 per cent biosecure, meaning it is free from moulds and bacteria which could be harmful to your birds

It also won’t blow around your garden. Birds love dust bathing in easichick as well, and it is perfect to help prevent muddy runs in the winter.

easibed is an untreated bedding which provides a comfortable free-draining bed for horses. The wet drains through to the base where it’s absorbed, leaving the top dry and comfortable for the horse – a bed they won’t want to leave. And because you can easily remove droppings from the top of an easibed you’re saving time mucking out and saving money with a smaller muck heap.

easibed is also dust free so ideal for horses with respiratory issues. And it creates a very supportive bed so perfect for horses that need that extra support under foot. It also won’t cling to manes or tails.

Both beddings smell super fresh though and make cleaning out your hen house, aviary or stable easy!

In addition, both of our beddings are accredited with the coveted Organic Farmers & Growers certification which means they can be put on your compost heap and used as an organic fertiliser.

What could be easier?!


Wood fibre beddings

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