“Humbug and Olivia did great in their Intro class gaining a very respectable 68.48% giving them 4th place – I am loving seeing their relationship grow together as we have owed Humbug since he was two, Olivia was only 7 back then.                                                    I took my time breaking Humbug in as I wanted him to be a good all-rounder that anyone could sit on and enjoy – also I needed him to be that pony you can get away with not riding every day, seeing how Chocolate can be so high maintenance and needing exercising 6 out 7 days to keep him sane!

I decided after the last competition that Chocolate and I should have a go at our first elementary dressage test – In my head I know the moves but it’s not until you come to put these moves together for a test that you realise there is so much more involved as you move up through the levels of dressage – needless to say though we were still up for the challenge and gave it a go.

It could have a risky decision as Chocolate and I were at the top of the league table!

Chocolate and I entered the Prelim test as a warm up of which we had a great score of 75% putting us into 1st place for that class! We then proceeded with the Elementary class and managed a respectable score of 66% of which I was over the moon with as it left us in 3rd place and only 1% behind 1st place – not bad at all for our first elementary test. J

Typically for me, straight after the test I already felt I knew where we can improve which has left me keen to do my homework and try another elementary test soon.

To top of all this wonderful news it was announced that this was the last of the online dressage series as lockdown restrictions had been lifted further and we can now compete away from home following social distancing rules – all this meant that the league table final results were in….

Humbug and Olivia had collected a whopping 14 points over the 7 series – a great result for their debut dressage competition series.

Chocolate and I had managed to collect 62 points overall meaning we had WON the online series and have been awarded 2 free dressage lessons – as you can imagine I was thrilled with Team Sweet’s results”.

Well Done Team Sweet !!

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