Clare from Team Sweet explains.”Towards the end of September, I always run the boy’s beds down, so when it’s time to empty the stables ready for the jet wash to come out, the stables are not far off being empty.

I like to give the stables a good old scrub before I lay a new bed so its lovely, clean and fresh, ahead of those dark cold winter mornings/nights that lie ahead.

In total I use 8 bales to set up each of my beds as I like to have ¾ beds with banks – don’t forget to cut out your easitoken from every bale you open.

Laying a new bed of easibed takes no time at all and, as the bedding is dust free you won’t be coughing and sneezing as you lay the bed.

You must admit that an easibed does look very inviting to snuggle up in – someone ( naming no names ‘Chocolate’) could not wait to get in his stable to explore his fresh new easibed!”



Wood fibre beddings

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